A Tribute to My Best Friend

In my heart you will always stay, loved and remembered every day.

Olive has been with us here at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary since she was just a little baby. We rescued her along with little Mario, after a shepherd wanted to kill them because he had no use for them.

Sometimes in life you meet someone that just touches your heart in a way that you cannot even explain, and that’s how I felt about Olive.

Olive and Abigail

Over the last two years we have spent together we have shared some of the best moments of my life. No matter how hard things got Olive was always there to make things better. She was the light in my darkness and now she has gone and without her I feel a huge void in my heart.

People think sheep are stupid, dumb animals but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sheep are by far one of the most gentle, sensitive and intelligent animals I have ever known.

After travelling across the country to get to our sanctuary, it took Olive some time to adjust to her new home but eventually we became the greatest of friends.

She would always coming running to her name and would constantly call after me when I left. She just wanted to be near you and have cuddles, so much so that if she felt one of the other sheep was getting more attention her jealous nature would kick in and she would butt them out of the way.

Olive sheep

She was so sensitive and felt the loss of each and every passing of the other sanctuary animals immensely, often grieving for weeks especially after little Mario died last October.

Through all the ups and downs that sanctuary life brings she always managed to bring a smile to my face.
She was my best friend, my princess, my beautiful angel and I miss every little thing about her. I want to share with you how special and unique she was because I know that anyone who had the chance to meet her would never want to cause her any harm.

Olive We Animals

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