About Us

What Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary Is All About

We believe that animals deserve our respect, love and kindness, and we fight everyday to make this a reality.

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Educate. That’s our mission.


Farm animals are victims of exploitation and they need our help. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary is a place where dreams come true. We create a loving and nurturing environment for farm animals to live out their lives in freedom, free from pain, suffering and the burden of expectation. We make a difference by showing them love and compassion, something that so many animals never get the opportunity to experience.

We know we can’t save them all which is why our rescues are the ambassadors for all the other victims still out there. Farm animals have stories that need to be told and these stories are one of the most powerful tools to help and guide others towards a more compassionate lifestyle. By sharing their stories together we can inspire change in the way society views and treats animals.

We passionately believe that a kinder world is possible.

Here you’ll find plenty of educational resources to help you lead a compassionate lifestyle, opportunities to share in the rescues and lives of all our incredible inhabitants (it’s not everyday you get to see pigs taking a mud bath!) and a community of friends that freakin’ love animals. On top of all this we also offer you the chance to come and meet farm animals face to face, connect with them like never before and get to know their unique personalities.

Thank you so much for all you are doing for those without a voice. – Farm Sanctuary Friends

THANK YOU for what you are doing for precious beings who share our beautiful planet. – Liana Shanti

Your care shines through the animals. – David Grantham

Who Are We?

Originally from the UK we came to Spain looking for a simpler life closer to nature but everything changed when we discovered the truth about what was happening to farm animals and we couldn’t ignore it. We found our purpose. When we first discovered the concept of veganism and opened our eyes to the plight of farm animals everything felt pretty hopeless.


Like most vegans we felt a burning desire to do something, so we turned our sadness into passion and in January 2013 we opened the first ever sanctuary in Galicia, Northern Spain, for abused and abandoned farm animals.

Running an animal sanctuary is tough! Yes we have plenty of fun times like snuggling up with the sheep and going for walks with the goats, but we also have to witness first hand the awful effects of their exploitation and it breaks our hearts. Nothing hurts more than losing those you love and every time we lose one of our friends we lose a piece of ourselves, but we keep fighting because we know it is the right thing to do.

We want to show people that it is a whole lot easier than you think to live compassionately and we believe that when we give people the opportunity to be kind they will make the right choice.

If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others…why wouldn’t we? – Edgar’s Mission

We believe that veganism is a liberating concept and we want to empower people to open their hearts and experience this beautiful and abundant lifestyle for themselves. Are you with us?

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