To help put a smile on your face we’d like to introduce you to Dolly and her beautiful baby boy Zachary. Running into our lives just a few days before giving birth, Dolly found sanctuary in the nick of time. Not even a year old herself, Dolly is already a mum, which means she was […]


Meet Grace.We got an urgent call from our vet asking us if we could possibly make room for one more here at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary at Christmas.Severely dehydrated, unable to walk, heavily pregnant, and with nowhere else to go, how on earth could we say no. Exploited for years by her owners just so they could steal […]


Welcome Jett!Last week we got a message about a little bird that had nowhere else to go and needed our help. Having been saved from a group of kids who thought it was fun to kick this poor little fellow about, Jett was left unable to fly and therefore extremely vulnerable, especially in the big city […]


Lucera was born with disabled legs and we realized right away that she was going to need specialist help. As you can see in the video one of her legs couldn’t extend at the knee, and the other was extremely week at the ankle, and both were completely out of alignment at the shoulder causing […]


Meet Fern! After being handed a death sentence, she is lucky to be alive. Rescued from a small farm her owners had decided to give up on her. Claiming to not know how she had sustained the damage, and allowing it to progress to the point where it was teaming with maggots and had eaten a huge […]


We are the piglets and we are some of the luckiest little pigs alive! Our mum Rosa was rescued from neglect and brought to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, and just a few months later we were born. Now we get to live out our whole lives at the sanctuary and will never have to worry about being […]


Somos los cerditos y somos algunos de los cerditos más felices del mundo. A nuestra madre, Rosa, la rescataron muy descuidada y la trajeron a Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary y nosotros nacimos unos meses después. Ahora tenemos una vida plena en el santuario y nunca más tendremos que preocuparnos de si nos tratarán bien o no, […]


Since arriving at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary our lives have been transformed beyond our wildest dreams, and for the first time we believe that we may actually have a chance at happiness. Before coming here all we had ever known was the inside of a tiny cage barely big enough to even turn around. We […]


Somos Mario y Olivia y hemos hecho un largo viaje desde Seville para llegar a Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. Cuando éramos muy pequeñas vivíamos en un lugar terrible donde se consideraba normal matar a las ovejas pequeñitas de una patada en la cabeza o cortándoles la garganta cuando ya eran adultas. El pastor que vivía […]


On December 18th 2013, Rubia passed away whilst we held her our arms and told her how much we loved her. She lived a full and happy life at the sanctuary and brought a smile to the face of everyone that had the honor to meet her. Read her journey below: My name is Rubia and I came […]

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