A Tribute to My Best Friend

In my heart you will always stay, loved and remembered every day. Olive has been with us here at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary since she was just a little baby. We rescued her along with little Mario, after a shepherd wanted to kill them because he had no use for them. Sometimes in life you […]

Rabbits Rescued from Animal Testing Labs Enjoy Freedom for First Time

When we heard that a group of rabbits who were being used for veterinary practice were destined for slaughter we knew we had to do everything we could to save them. Born and raised on a breeding farm, these innocent rabbits have been confined to tiny, barren cages for their entire lives. Unable to move […]

Late Night Rescue Mission for Fernando the Abandoned Donkey

When we heard that there was donkey wounded, alone and barely able to walk that needed urgent help we knew we had to do something. Thanks to all of you for sharing and donating we were able to rush to his rescue and bring him to the sanctuary, but of course it was never going […]