On the 3rd November 2013 Chirimoyo died from an allergic reaction to the anesthetic after being castrated.  Words cannot describe the pain we felt from his loss. Although he wasn’t at the sanctuary for long, he left a deep impression on our hearts and we will never forget him. Read his story below:

Hey there!

My name is Chirimoyo and I’ve travelled all the way from Seville (on the other side of the country!) to get to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

I’m still only young but I’ve known many places and met many people already. Let’s just say that they’re not all as kind as they are here at the sanctuary.

Most people keep dwarf goats like me as pets, but many of us are bred to be sold just to make a profit.

When it came to sale time my owner desperately tried to find a buyer but no-one was interested, and after three months of trying he said it wasn’t even worth the cost to keep me anymore and abandoned me instead.

Thankfully someone recognized that my life had meaning so they took me in and started looking for a safe place where I could live happily and in peace, and here I am!

Chirimoyo Chirimoyo Chirimoyo