I’m Coco and I thought that my life was over.

I was being kept in a horrible place where I was made to give birth, and every time my lambs were taken away from me and killed for people to eat. After years of going through this traumatic experience, I developed a disease which meant that every time I got pregnant I miscarried and lost the baby. The emotional and physical pain of this condition was difficult to bear, but despite this the farmer was very unsympathetic to my condition.

When the vets told him why I kept losing my babies, he said that he wanted them to kill me as I was no use to him anymore. Can you imagine what it feels like to be told you are useless and better off dead just because you can’t make a baby? I couldn’t believe that he was so quick to give up on me.

Luckily the vets didn’t agree that my life should be over simply because I could not give birth, so they saved me from sacrifice and brought me here to the sanctuary where they knew I would be loved regardless of my condition.

Now I will get to live out my whole life in peace without being made to do anything I don’t want to do.

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