Can I Visit?

Currently we are not open for visits from the public. As soon as we are, we’ll let you know!

Can I Volunteer?

Yes, we would love you to volunteer! Check out our volunteer page for more information on how to get involved.

Where are You?

We are located 45 minutes North East of Ourense, and 20 minutes from Montforte de Lemos in the province of Lugo. Our sanctuary is nestled in the woodland near the beautiful river Mino.

How Can I Get to You?

If you are planning a visit, please email us for driving directions and to arrange a suitable time.

How Can I Donate?

Please visit our donation page for more information.

Can My Dog Visit?

As much as we love dogs, unfortunately we cannot allow visitors to bring their dogs to the sanctuary. Our primary concern is with the welfare of the animals living in the sanctuary, some of which can become frightened around dogs they are not familiar with. As much as we would love to meet your canine companions, they are not able to come to the sanctuary.

Can You Take My Animal?

Our mission is one of love and compassion and ideally we would like to help any animal in need, however, we are not able to rehome every single animal at the sanctuary. Part of our mission is to spread the message of owner responsibility and care, and this means that our first course of action is always to encourage owners to take responsibility for the animals in their care to the best of their ability. It is important for people to realize that animals are not possessions to pass on to others when it is no longer convenient. They are living, breathing, feeling individuals who require a lifetime of commitment and care – for every unwanted pet that we take in, that is one less abandoned animal we have space for, and those animals have nobody else to care for them. We will always do our best to give help and support, and to ensure that the animals are cared for.

Can I Fundraise for You?

We would be delighted for people to carry out fundraising activities on behalf of the sanctuary as we are always looking for new ideas to spread the message and raise funds for the animals. Please visit the volunteer page to find out more info on how you can fundraise for the sanctuary.