Flor and Rubia

My name is Flor and I came to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary with my best friend Rubia. We now have a chance at life free from fear and danger thanks to the help of many kind people from all over Spain.

We spent five years living locked up in a building and being made to give birth twice a year so that our owner could take our babies away and sell them. There is nothing more heart wrenching than experiencing the loss of your child, and we had to endure this misery over and over again. We had given up hope of getting a second chance, and we feared that we would never leave this awful place.

One day dogs broke into our house and attacked us, and Rubia was very badly injured on her leg leaving her unable to walk properly for a long time. I managed to escape, but was captured and we were locked back in the house, where we had to listen to the scary sounds of the dogs every day. Only a short time after this another attack happened, but luckily this time a passerby heard our screams and came to our rescue.

Now we live in the safety and tranquility of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, and can now sleep in peace at night with our new band of friends. When we first arrived we were very nervous and anxious of what was going to happen to us next, but we quickly realized that not all humans want something from us. Some simply want to protect us and let us live our own purpose.

We spend most of time here hanging out with the goats and grazing on fresh grass and flowers, and we couldn’t be happier.

Flor and Rubia  Flor and Rubia  Flor and Rubia