Since arriving at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary our lives have been transformed beyond our wildest dreams, and for the first time we believe that we may actually have a chance at happiness.

Before coming here all we had ever known was the inside of a tiny cage barely big enough to even turn around. We led a lonely life only knowing of each others existence by sound but never sight. We never knew sunlight, and we were never allowed outside to stretch our legs. Not being able to exercise caused me to lose all strength in my back legs and now I can only drag myself from place to place.

Us pigs are naturally clean animals that would never go to toilet where we sleep and eat, but our cages were never cleaned out and we were forced to live in a pile of our own excrement for years, to the point that our legs and feet are badly damaged.

We were only given just enough food to keep us alive.The farmer had a short temper and I never understood why he was so aggressive and cruel towards us. Eagerly we awaited food, yet equally we feared our tormentors arrival not knowing what blow he would deliver next.

For years we lived like this, and each day felt longer than the last, especially those when no-one came to give us food and water.

When someone found out about the terrible conditions we were living in they tried to find us a new home where we would be loved and cared for. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary chanced across our story and set to work immediately to get us out of there.

When the people finally came to rescue us they were horrified when they saw we were all skin and bones and desperately malnourished. After a long 9 hour journey across Spain we arrived at the sanctuary.

With our new lives come our new names; Gandalf, Frodo and Arwen.

We never knew that beyond those four walls that confined us was a whole other world. A kind world where we get to feel the sunshine on our backs and earth under our feet. A world where we can snuffle from morning to night, feast on fresh fruit and vegetables and explore the wonders of the forest.

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