Grace the sheep

Meet Grace.

We got an urgent call from our vet asking us if we could possibly make room for one more here at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary at Christmas.

Severely dehydrated, unable to walk, heavily pregnant, and with nowhere else to go, how on earth could we say no.

Exploited for years by her owners just so they could steal her babies to eat, when she was so sick that she could no longer stand, they decided that they couldn’t be bothered with her any longer and would rather see her dead.

Thankfully our vet wasn’t prepared to give up on her, and he knew we wouldn’t either.

Once she arrived at the sanctuary we were able to see just how sick she truly was. Suffering from pregnancy toxemia, a life threatening illness for both her and her unborn babies, we started treatment immediately, and put her on IV fluids to dehydrate her debilitated body.

Covered in her own feces, and with painfully rotten and collapsed hooves that had obviously never been cut in her life, this poor darling had been clearly neglected. 

Grace the sheep Grace the sheep

People think that factory farming is always to blame for animal cruelty, but the reality is that small farms are equally as guilty. When an animal is only valued for what it has to offer the owner, their individual needs and wellbeing always suffer.

After unexpectedly going into labor early Christmas morning, Grace struggled all day as she was in no condition to be giving birth.

By evening what little energy she did have had completely left her, forcing us to intervene and assist in delivering the first baby. When the first baby finally entered the world it was already dead.

The vet then arrived to help her deliver two more babies, but they were also already dead.

We placed the babies on a towel next to her head and she licked them, acknowledging what had happened.

Although we were devastated that the babies hadn’t survived we felt so thankful that Grace was still with us, but just a few hours later she took a serious turn for the worse and within minutes she too was gone. We were with her right up until the end and we never stopped holding her tightly and telling her how much everyone loved her.

Grace entered our lives as quickly as she left, but we feel privileged to have had the chance to show her what real love feels like. To ease her pain with proper medical treatments, to calm her when she was stressed, and to hold her as her life slipped away.

Grace was used her entire life, her babies were stolen from her year after year, and when she was deemed no longer useful she was thrown away.

Grace’s story is just one of the millions of reasons why we should stop using animals for our own gain. She didn’t deserve the cruel life or death that was inflicted upon her.

Goodnight Grace, and your three perfect little babies. At least now you can finally be together. We will always love you and we will never forget you ♥

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