Welcome Jett!

Last week we got a message about a little bird that had nowhere else to go and needed our help. Having been saved from a group of kids who thought it was fun to kick this poor little fellow about, Jett was left unable to fly and therefore extremely vulnerable, especially in the big city environment.

Luckily for him, his rescuer was the right place at the right time and when she saw what was going on she stepped in and saved his life. After taking him back to her apartment she started to look for a safe place where he could go and get the care he needed but as it turned out, there aren’t too many places for injured birds to go.

When we heard his story we knew that although we weren’t really prepared and that Jett would be the first bird we welcomed to the sanctuary, we couldn’t turn our back on him.

When we collected him we took him straight to the veterinary hospital for a full health check and to see the prognosis on his wing. Weak, malnourished and with a protruding breast bone, Jett wasn’t in the best shape. The abuse that he had suffered had badly damaged his left wing and the chances of him ever being able to fly again are extremely slim. Despite everything, it was obvious that this little guy wasn’t giving up any time soon.

Back at the sanctuary Jett has been settling in beautifully, exploring his new surroundings and getting to grips with life in the countryside. We know we can’t give him the world, but with your help, we can give try our best to give him all that he deserves.

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