Late Night Rescue Mission for Fernando the Abandoned Donkey

When we heard that there was donkey wounded, alone and barely able to walk that needed urgent help we knew we had to do something.

Thanks to all of you for sharing and donating we were able to rush to his rescue and bring him to the sanctuary, but of course it was never going to be so easy!

Fernando donkey Fernando donkey and Abigail

Late Wednesday night we headed out to pick him up, but when we arrived he was nowhere to be seen. After barely moving for 5 days, we were shocked to find he was gone.

Pitch black and pouring with rain, the search was on. We started scouring the tree lines thinking that he must have hobbled to find cover but it wasn’t long before our flashlights started dimming, and doubts of whether we would find him at all in the dark abyss plagued our minds.

We weren’t going to give up though, and then after clambering through a sea of brambles I saw his little head peering over a wood pile.

Cold, wet and severely dehydrated, we gently approached him and reassured him we were the good guys and we were here to help. He didn’t want to get up at first, but after a little encouragement he was on his feet, and that’s when we saw the extent of his injuries.

Our main priority though was getting him into the van and back to the sanctuary so he could be seen by a vet.

Leading him too the van was the easy part, getting him inside was going to prove much more difficult! 45 minutes and a lot of assistance later and he was onboard.

Fernando donkey Fernando donkey with Mike

Arriving back at the sanctuary at 2am we walked him into his new house and he seemed relieved that he would be spending the night with a warm, dry bed. He instantly started munching away on the hay and having a huge drink of fresh water.

The vet came out to see him and after giving him a full check up his worst injury is the problem in the front leg. He is missing a chunk of hoof and the ankle is incredibly weak with severe muscle wasting, making walking very difficult and painful. It wasn’t a new injury, meaning the most likely scenario is that he got an infection that was never treated and become chronic. He was also covered in ticks, scabs and has a bite mark on his back leg were he was probably attacked while he was down and unable to get up.

Fernando Donley's Injured Leg Fernando donkey's  cut leg

What he needs now is a shoe or splint of some kind to provide his front leg with extra support, so we are looking at what options are available to him.

He is a real sweetheart that loves being cuddled, and although he finds it a real struggle to get up unassisted, when he is standing he seems to really like his new home here with us and the rest of the Mino gang.

At around 20 years old, he’s probably seen a lot in his lifetime, but now he will get to spend the rest of his days in peace and tranquility here at the sanctuary.

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