Lucera was born with disabled legs and we realized right away that she was going to need specialist help. As you can see in the video one of her legs couldn’t extend at the knee, and the other was extremely week at the ankle, and both were completely out of alignment at the shoulder causing her to walk with great difficulties.

After speaking to the veterinary hospital we got Lucera an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon to see what could be done to help our little sweetheart.

When we got to the hospital the specialist said that we could try to extend the tendons in the back of the worst leg as this would help her to straighten it properly, but there was no guarantee that she would ever be able to walk normally. We decided to take the chance, and the next day she headed in for the operation!

After a lot of nervous waiting we went to collect Lucera from the hospital and thankfully everything had gone well. At the hospital everyone had fallen in love with her (who wouldn’t!). Now she is back at the sanctuary in recovery where we will be working hard to rehabilitate her legs in the coming months.

Lucera Lucera