Luna was rescued from the dairy industry at just a few days old.

With her umbilical cord still attached she was separated from her mother the very first day she entered this world.

A chain was placed around her neck and she was confined for days, alone and afraid in a room awaiting her fate.

Luna’s mother had neosporosis, a common disease in cattle that can cause abortion, and a condition which can be transmitted from infected cows to their fetuses.

Luna is lucky to be alive. After being born prematurely the farm didn’t want to take the chance of raising her only to later find that she was infected with the same condition as her mother and would not be able to give birth, and therefore give milk which is the only purpose of a cow born into the dairy industry.

The call was made to the vet to end her life, just days after she was born. When the vet arrived at the farm he opened the door and took one look into her beautiful big blue eyes and said “no, I can’t do this”, and that’s when our phone began to ring.

After explaining the situation we knew that we couldn’t turn our backs on this innocent baby and we had to do whatever it took to make sure she would be safe.

As many of you know our local government has prohibited us from rescuing any new animals since the end of last year due to discrepancies with the annual blood test from one of our sheep, so we had no idea how we were going to help this poor little calf.

We decided to have faith and trust that the there was a greater good looking out for Luna, and we made the call asking for an exception in this emergency case. A few hours later the powers that be had made their decision and to our surprise it was a YES!

Armed with our yes and an unwavering determination to get this special girl to the sanctuary we put the wheels in motion to organize her rescue.

As we waited anxiously for her to arrive, praying that nothing would go wrong in the meantime, our nervous excitement grew as we prepared her new home and readied everything we could think of in order to take care of a newly born calf.

When she finally arrived the biggest smiles you could ever imagine lit up our faces as we embraced her for the first time, all the while whispering into her ear that we loved her and that nothing bad was ever going to happen to her here.

Since she arrived in the night we decided that Luna would be the perfect name for the incredible beacon of hope that she was to become.

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