Luther and Rosa

Rosa and Luther

We are Luther and Rosa, and we were saved from abandonment by Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

We were living amid rubbish and waste on a farm in the mountains of Leon y Castilian. Our owner did not feed us properly so we were constantly hungry, which is why we decided to break out onto the dangerous road in desperate search of more food.

Luckily some kind people at the local dog shelter found us and knew that the road was no place for a pig, so they arranged for us to be taken to a new home where we would be loved and looked after properly. In our efforts to escape I damaged one of my back legs and as no one was around to treat it, I became lame and was unable to get around properly which made life a whole lot more difficult. Rosa also hurt herself when she became entangled in the fence causing painful lacerations across her body.

Thanks to some love and attention at the sanctuary, my leg is nearly as good as new again and I am able to run around once more. These days Rosa and I get all sorts of delicious food treats from pears and melons to beetroots and greens. Who knew there were so many yummy foods to eat!

Rosa and Luther  Rosa and Luther  Rosa and Luther