The Hens


On the 18th December a truck carrying thousands of hens overturned on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Our friends, Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, rushed to the scene of the accident to save as many as they could.

When they arrived most of the hens were still inside their cages, many dead and others trapped, as the impact had crushed the cages making it impossible to get them out.

Hundreds of other hens were strewn across the road and local residents were swarming to collect as many as possible so they could take them home to eat.

Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, with the help of volunteers, managed to save 314 of these precious lives, making it the biggest rescue to ever take place in Spain.

When we heard what had happened we drove through the night to bring as many as we could fit in our car back here to the sanctuary.

These hens have been exploited their entire lives just so people can consume their eggs, trapped in tiny cages, unable to spread their wings and denied all basic instincts. When they were deemed no longer useful, they were crammed into crates and shipped off to the slaughterhouse.

Not one of the 314 rescued hens was in a healthy condition. Aside from the horrendous injuries sustained from the accident, many of the hens have no feathers on their wings, tails and bodies, have painfully deformed feet, eye infections, tumours, retained eggs, and have countless other health issues.

We managed to give a home to 45 of the little darlings and now they will have a chance to live out the rest of their lives free and happy.


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