Troy y Theresa

I am Theresa and this is my friend Troy. Troy is Trio’s dad. When she was born with only three legs the farmer blamed Troy and decided that it was his bad genes that were responsible for her disability.

They planned to send him to the slaughterhouse as they did not want any more lambs to be born that were like Trio. The very thing that had condemned Troy to death, also turned out to be his lifeline. When Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary heard of his fate they offered him a place at the sanctuary and our owner agreed to let him go.

I also lived with at the farm with Troy where they used me to produce lambs, but after four years I was considered too old and unproductive to maintain and was also offered a second chance at life where I could finally be free.

Both me and Troy are now starting to trust humans again. We spend our days hanging out with all our new sheepy friends. It is pure bliss.

Troy y Theresa  Troy y Theresa  Troy y Theresa

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