Since we arrived in Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary our lives have been transformed beyond our wildest dreams and for once believe we have a chance to be happy.

Before coming here all you knew was inside a small cage barely big to turn around. We live a solitary life and we could not see each other, just listen. Never saw sunlight and never allowed us to get out and stretch their legs outdoors. Not being able to exercise made me lose all the strength of my back and now I can only crawl from one side to the other legs.

We pigs are very clean animals by nature, would never use the bathroom where we sleep and eat, but our cages were never cleaned and were forced to live in our own excrement for years, to the point that our legs and feet were badly affected .

Only got enough food to stay alive. The farmer had a bad temper and never understood why it was so aggressive and cruel to us. Impatiently waiting for our food, but also feared the arrival of our tormentors without knowing how to react and where we hit.

For years we lived well and every day felt longer than its predecessor, particularly those in which no one came to give us food or water.

When someone knew the terrible conditions in which we were living, they tried to find a new home where we love and care us. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary saw our history by chance and immediately set to work to get us there.
When people finally came to our rescue, were horrified to see that we were just skin and bones that were very malnourished. After a long 9 hour trip through Spain, arrived at the sanctuary.

With our new life come our new name; Gandalf, Frodo and Arwen.

We never imagined that beyond these four walls that enclosed us was a whole different world. A friendly world where we can enjoy the sun on our backs and the earth under our feet. A world where we can pry from morning to night, eating fruit and vegetables and explore the wonders of the forest.

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Arwen Frodo Gandalf

GodfatherWhen you become the best friend of one of our animals, you’ll be helping to pay for food, veterinary treatment and special care for your new friend … And also we can supply them with the things they love, from watermelons to winter coats, giving them the life they deserve.

In addition to feeling good about yourself sponsoring an animal, you will receive a fantastic digital pack sponsorship by email. This pack includes: a beautiful certificate will be officially shown that good friends forever, a photo of your new friend and his individual record on which history is detailed. Plus you send quarterly updates directly to your email with all the antics that your new friend has been doing so you do not miss anything.

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